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I want iPhone!!

duhh.. just try my luck to win free iphone giveaway from avonblake.com

The rule to win iphone just simple as 1-2-3 :

Write a blog post on your own blog linking back to AvonBlake.com.  Leave a comment post there to let he know that you’ve entered and a winner will be selected at random at the end of this month.

To Avon Blake if you read this post, I WANT iPHONE.. Do you hear me?? hehehe.. 
4 Responses to "I want iPhone!!"
Famie Shafie said :
Selasa, 30 September, 2008
Good luck.
kodin said :
Selasa, 30 September, 2008
tq..tq.. jenguk2 selalu blog saya ni :)
yazidyahaya said :
Selasa, 07 Oktober, 2008
nak satu leh..besar gedabak..boleh layan lama denga aweks tu
nick said :
Rabu, 15 Oktober, 2008
Besarnya iPhone. Kat mana beli tuh.

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