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gune FBI jejak pembunuh Nurin

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia has turned to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation to help solve the murder of a young girl who had been tortured, sexually abused and then dumped in a sports bag, the police said on Thursday.

The murder, the nation's most horrifying crime in years, has sparked nationwide outrage and anger and prompted talk that the 8-year-old girl was the victim of a serial sex offender.

Malaysia's police chief, Musa Hassan, said the FBI would help study the blurred images of a closed-circuit television recordings related to the case.

"Two FBI agents are going to help us with the investigation, especially in terms of the technical aspects of the probe," news agency Bernama quoted him as telling reporters.

"One of them is already at the US embassy here while another is expected to arrive soon," Musa said.

The naked body of the girl, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, was stuffed in the bag and left outside a shop near the capital last week.

Police seized CCTV recordings from the shop which appeared to show a woman carrying the bag, but the images were poor and blurry.

Nurin was reported missing on August 20 after she went alone to a night market in Kuala Lumpur. She was last seen being dragged into a white van by a man.

received 5 hours ago. credit www.iol.co.za

dgn berita ini ramai akan buat spekulasi bhw PDRM tak mampu dan tak cukup hebatla smp nk mintak tlong org luarlaa.. apelaa.. blaa..blaa.. blaahh.. (yg negative je dorg pikir)

komen saya :

mmg perlu pun PDRM mintak tolong FBI mungkin sbb PDRM tidak/kurang mempunyai kemahiran yg lebih utk jejak pembunuh nih. PDRM tak/kurang mampu nak jejak pembunuh nih hampir sebulan mencari. tp kite perlu tahu gak yg pembunuh nih melalukan jenayah peringkat pertama (iaitu paling kejam, paling dasyat, dan super duper teruk ) dan jenayah yg mcm ni mmg berlaku dimana2 samada di negara maju, membangun atau pun mundur.. dan mungkin juga jenayah yg camnih adalah pertama di Malaysia nih...

cume kemahiran utk mencari pembunuh nih, mungkin PDRM tiada/kurang tp FBI ada sbb tmpt mereka slalu sgt jd jenayah camnih dan mereka tau cammane nk atasi dan nak jejak pembunuh tu. tak salah PDRM gune khidmat FBI utk cari pembunuh nih dan ia bagos bg PDRM utk blajar lg... so, sume org perlu paham nape PDRM mintak tlong dorg..
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